Motorised Cart Policy

The following Policy for any motorised carts and ride-ons at Rangiora Golf Club will be effective from 1 February 2024

All motorised golf cart drivers must be over 18 years of age and possess a current driver’s licence.

All owners of motorised carts must be insured against personal accident and property damage.

The vehicle must be operated from the driver’s side only.

All golfers and motorised carts shall give way to course staff and machinery.

To prevent possible serious injury, driver and passenger must keep their entire bodies within the vehicle.

To prevent falls from the vehicle, remain seated when the vehicle is moving and hold onto handles or hand rails at all times.

Do not overload the vehicle and never have more passengers than seats available.

To avoid possible injury to passengers, pedestrians, drivers or damage to other vehicles, avoid sudden starts, sudden stops and abrupt turns. Also reduce speed in crowded areas/roads and for turning.

To avoid the possibility of losing control of the vehicle, reduce speed for adverse driving conditions such as wet grass or rough or steep terrain.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that adversely effect your ability to drive or react.

Keep carts at least 10 metres from all greens and greenside bunkers unless the area is staked or roped off. Carts are NOT permitted inside the staked or roped areas.

Park carts at the rear of greens or to the side leading to the next tee. NEVER in front of greens. This will greatly assist the Pace of Play.

Do not drive over mounds that are within 10m of greens.

If course conditions are wet, carts should only travel on the driest and firmest parts of the golf course and should stay away from critical golf areas as much as possible. Driving in the rough is preferred to driving on the fairways.In order to protect the course and provide the best playing conditions for all golfers, the Management Committee has implemented the following:

Do not drive on tee blocks or tee surrounds.

Members who breach the policy will receive a written warning.
When a further breach of the policy occurs;
The Member will be subject to a ban from driving or ridingin/on carts within the course and grounds of the Club for a period of one (1) month.
Any subsequent breaches will require the member to meet with the Management Committee to explain their actions. The Management Committee may take further disciplinary action.
These are severe penalties and it is hoped we will never have to use them.