Health And Safety

All persons are expected to comply with any reasonable club policies, procedures, instructions and signage that has been notified to them. For the enjoyment of everyone it is expected all players adhere to the Rules and Etiquette of golf and take reasonable precautions to ensure their own health and safety and the safety of all other people affected by their play.

Call ‘FORE' promptly on hitting a wayward shot in the vicinity of others or are blind to where it is heading.

If you hear 'FORE' seek shelter, cover head with hands. Be mindful of uneven ground and roots when moving near trees.

Avoid playing up on any other people, if unable to see the group in front due to course undulations, doglegs, delay playing until you know they are out of range of your shot.

Remain level with, or behind and to the side of playing partners.

Realistically assess your ability prior to playing through trees to avoid ricochet.

Wear appropriate footwear for the conditions and use the steps on the course to help avoid slips and falls. The course surface can get very slippery in wet conditions.

Please be careful to look for traffic when crossing Golf Links Road (80kph).

Holes with specific additional risks:
Hole 4 - Yellow and white teeing area exposed to men’s 10 white tee
Holes 4 to 5 - Players coming off 4 to get to 5 must give way to those teeing off 2 unless clearly waved through
Holes 7 and 8 - Hitting up on people unable to be seen because they are in the contours of the fairways.

Inform playing partners if you carry any medication for any allergic reactions and its location.

Report any hazardous condition and unacceptable behaviour you observe to the Secretary/Manager.

Report incidents, accidents, near misses and property damage promptly and accurately to the Secretary/Manager.

Immediate Suspension (imminent danger) - 1 long note of the air horn. Players must immediately cease play.

Normal Suspension – 3 short notes of the air horn

It is desirable for players to return to the clubhouse.

Resumption of play – 2 short notes of the air horn

If the course is closed it is posted the on website and a display board placed outside the Golf Shop

Course workers/volunteers always have 'right of way'.

Players must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind, or out of range, before playing their shot. Alternatively, players may be called on by the operator to play on.

If a green is being worked on the flagstick is removed - players are not to hit up to the green until the flagstick is replaced and the green is cleared.

Warning signs regarding the spraying or presence of harmful chemicals will be displayed outside the Golf Shop. Members or visitors are advised they play at their own discretion.

Follow the safety guidelines displayed on the fence at the Practice Area.

Ensure a clear area to play shots and swing clubs – at least 3m.

Communicate with others re ball collection - avoid collecting balls unless out of zone of others practising or others nearby have ceased hitting.

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult or be in the company of a golf professional.

Smoking and vaping free.

Course is alcohol free

Only persons with a driving licence are permitted to drive golf carts.

Be aware of greens staff and workers on and around the course – take care when approaching any work areas and keep a reasonable distance when driving a golf cart in their direction.

All instructions, as displayed on golf carts, must be adhered to.

All golf carts are to be driven with care, not driven close to or on the greens, bunkers or tee areas. They may at times be required to keep off the fairways – a sign will be displayed outside the Golf Shop.

Particular care should be taken when travelling downhill.

All golf carts are driven at the driver’s risk.

A portable First Aid kit is located in the Golf Shop if required on the course and includes an ice pack. Additional fixed kits are available within the facilities including the Golf Shop, Starters Office and Kitchen Bar area.

A defibrillator is located in the men’s locker room foyer.

Advise the Golf Shop on 03 313666 immediately if you have called an ambulance and the hole you are on.

or you require the defibrillator and/or portable first aid kit

Showers are available for cooling or warming.

In the unlikely event of a fire or emergency alarm in any club facility all persons must vacate the building and assemble near the 18th green. Follow the directions of the Fire Warden or club employees.

If a power line comes down immediately contact Mainpower 24 hour fault line 0800309080 to disconnect power AND call emergency services 111 if injured or electrocuted persons. Keep all other persons at least 8m clear - Do NOT approach a person 'in contact' until power is confirmed shut off (risk of shock through direct contact and/or step potential).