Competition Draw

Wednesday Cup Results

As at 13 November 2019

1Crawford Eric1670.48
2Bonner Mel1407.41
3Hewitt Neil1394.94
4Scott Lance1244.19
5Mitchell Steve1230.92
6Brown Jeffery1202.5
7Millar Dave1159.04
8Dyer Sid1125.07
9Montgomery Ron1089.32
10Kissack John1074
11Archer Ron1014.19
12Clegg Brian988.06
13Cook Jim954.93
14Reeves Andrew954.81
15Jones Steve954.62
16Bonner Craig950.38
17McGoverin Kieran926.8
18Southham Ray910.14
19Kennedy Allan899.95
20Cusdin Bob887.61
21Burgess Tony877.56
22Goodwin Murray874.96
23Osbourne Harry870.01
24Keen Neville857.61
25Peer James848.8
26Fyall Murray837.87
27Wilkins Dave825.54
28Giles Peter809.66
29Woods Jim808
30McFarlane Ken789.76

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