Competition Draw

Wednesday Cup Results

As at 19 February 2020

1Scott Lance503.41
2Brocherie John374.89
3Jenkins Allan333.11
4Stevenson Alan316.49
5Cook Jim286.38
6Wilson Jeff207.92
7Clegg Brian197.83
8Alliston David182.69
9Peer James172.47
10Goodwin Murray167.5
11Collier John163.38
12Kissack John155.2
13Bonner Mel140.51
14Kennedy Allan131.31
15Wills Richard129.58
16Hawkyard Wayne128.36
17Dyer Sid126.78
18Crawford Eric117.91
19Cusdin Bob113.93
20Pitkethley Colin109.33
21Jordan Tom97.7
22Van Hout Peter97.41
23Risely Trevor90.12
24Archer Ron84.29
25Rainey Peter84.29
26Bennett Dennis82.46
27McCormick Leslie79.79
28Kiernan Kevin79.7
29Hawke Brian79.5
30Burgess Tony76.44

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