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Newsletter – 28 July 2022

July 28, 2022

Golf Course Condition

The rain over the past week has produced an extremely slippery surface, so whether you are walking or driving, please take care and avoid obviously wet areas.

Motorised Cart users – please ONLY drive in the rough to preserve the fairways

Sand Buckets – a reminder to please take a sand bucket to repair divots, not just yours but others you may across

Removal of Trees
This winter has highlighted areas where the removal of carefully selected trees will assist in providing better course conditions.  Initial areas are:

  • No 18 Tee
  • No 14 Ladies Tee
  • No 4 Tee


Bellgrove Development

Earlier this month, the developers were granted approval to commence stage 1 of the Bellgrove Sub-division which consists of 4 sub-stages with the breaking of ground commencing August 2022.  The developers have advised that they have commenced work on their submission for resource consent for stages 2 and 3 (includes area bordering the golf course).

The Golf Club’s Planning Committee was established 12 months ago not only in preparation for the proposed development but also to put in place plans for the Golf Club beyond the development.

The first step was to establish a “Strategic Plan” to form the foundation on which all future planning is based, the emphasis being on “providing a quality playing course at a reasonable cost while ensuring the club facilities are of a high standard and operate on a secure financial basis” and that the Club “operates within a financially and environmentally sustainable business model”.

Since the Planning Groups inception, a good working relationship with the Developers has been developed and continue to work with them and other stake holders (Waimakariri District Council) on compiling information together with financial feasibility and a working budget of key issues (ie the easement at the end of the practice area, the relocation of the workshop and cart shed, and the safety issues of properties bordering the 18th hole).

The Planning Group is very aware that the Golf Club has been presented with an opportunity to make important changes to the Club’s future without impacting financially on our members and is working towards the presentation of a “Development Plan”, firstly to Management and then to the members early November, at which time  members will be given the opportunity to raise any queries on the proposed Development Plan prior to the annual General Meeting at the end of November, particularly in relation to the options being presented that will require a members vote.