Golf Course Matters

With winter upon us, a timely reminder for all members to take care as we enter into the season of wet, slippery and frosty conditions.

Wet & Slippery Conditions
  1. Do not pull trundlers or drive on tee blocks or tee surrounds.
  2. Avoid walking or driving through wet/muddy areas, surface water and slippery slopes.
  3. If conditions are frosty, walk or drive in the rough.
  4. Use pathways where they are available.
  5. Keep off areas staked or roped off.
Golf Cart Specific
  1. Keep at least 10 metres from all greens and greenside bunkers.
  2. Do not driver over moulds that are within 10 metres of greens.
  3. Reduce speed to allow for conditions – wet grass, rough or steep terrain.
  4. Avoid driving through wet or muddy areas, surface water and on slipper slopes.
  5. Beware of low hanging tree branches and other hazards present off fairways.
H&S – Reporting on Incident or Near Misses

Under the Health & Safety Act, the Club has an obligation to record and follow up on all incidents and near misses.  Should an incident occur, these MUST be reported to the Secretary/Manager or in her absence the Golf Shop staff.

Tree Root Pruning

This work was due to commence today (Thursday) and to be completed over 2 days, however, weather conditions have delay this. A number of areas on course where tree roots are tapping into our greens, tees and fairway irrigation system with the initial work covering the “home paddock” and should time allow, holes 2 and 3.

Please give way to the contractor if you’re on course when this work is being undertaken.

Tee Renovations

Over the winter months, renovation work will be undertaken on a some tees.  In preparation for this work, “temporary tees” will be prepared and introduced when required.  Please avoid these areas while this preparation work takes place.

Frost Delays – Men’s Early Times

For those men who have booked tee times in the “Frost Zone”, should we have a frost, please check the Club’s website if you don’t receive a “notification” from the Club.
Should you still wish to play, please phone the Golf Shop as there will be minimal tee times available from 9.30am.