The playing conditions for Club Competitions are as follows:

1.   A Match Committee Member will be on duty for all Club Competitions.

2.   All players must report at least 10 minutes before their starting time to the Starters Office before proceeding to the tee.

3.   Playing tees are Men - white & Women - yellow unless directed otherwise by the Match Committee.

4.   Handicap grades for competitions are at the discretion of the Match Committee.

5.   Match Play - the dates of all rounds will be posted on the draw sheets and will be rigidly adhered to.  Dispensation will only be given for bereavement in immediate family or for Representative golf.  All qualifying rounds must be played on the specific day and no dispensation will be for given for members playing Representative golf on that day.

6.   Cancellation from Club Draws & Withdrawals - Members are requested to show courtesy to others by giving the Match Committee prior notice of cancellation from any draw.  Similarly, players who participate in qualifying rounds but who are not available to play in any subsequent round of match play are required to notify the Match Committee before the draw is made.  Failure to do so means that other players are denied the opportunity to compete.

7.   Defaults - members who default matches, must advise the Match Committee and the opponent.  The defaulter is out of that competition at that point and cannot re-enter the competition or its flights.

8.  Ties in Match Play - in the case of halved matches, the players shall continue from the first hole until one wide wins a hole, when the match will be won.  If the match is under handicap, strokes shall continue to be taken at the same holes as in the first round.

9.   Ties in Club Championship Qualifying Rounds - shall be decided on the last counting 18 holes (gross).

10.  Ties in Stroke Competition - shall be decided on a countback as follows:

a)   Competition over 36 holes or more, the last counting round shall count

b)  If still a tie, the result of the of 18 holes is counted, then fractions of handicaps shall be counted

c)  The last 9 holes

d)  The last 6 holes

e)  The last 3 holes

f)   Then singly - without handicap

11.  Club Trophies Maximum Handicap - there will be a course handicap limit of 36 for all Club Trophies and Mixed Competition Days, unless otherwise stated.

12.  Handicap Allowance (Match Play)

a)    Singles - allow the higher handicapped player the difference between the players' handicaps

b)    Four Ball - reduce the handicaps of all four players by the handicap of the lowest handicap player who shall play from scratch.  Allow each of the other players their reduced handicaps.

13.  Handicap Allowance (Stroke Play)

a)    Individual - full handicap

b)    Four Ball - full handicap of each player

c)    Foursomes - half of combined handicaps

d)    Canadian & American Foursomes - 40% of combined handicap

Motorised Carts & Bikes

Motorised carts or bikes may be used in local competitions.

All members competing in NZ Golf National events must produce a Medical Certificate.

Carts should travel along the rough or edges of fairways and should be parked well clear of greens and surrounds.


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