These guidelines provide a base on which the game of golf should be played.

For detailed information - refer to the "Rules of Golf - Section 1"

Speed of Play

The following are suggestions to assist with the keeping you place in the field without unduly affecting your own enjoyment of your game.

  • Walk smartly between shots and from the green.
  • Mark your card at the next tee & the player with the honour making his card after teeing off.
  • Always move to your own ball as closely as possible without interfering with other players line of sight or swing.
  • If you are losing ground or have a lost ball problem, call the following players through, particularly if you have already fallen behind.
  • If there is any doubt that the ball is out of bounds, particularly in a stroke round, then play a provisional ball.

Care of the Course

  • Bunkers - rake over footprints and club marks
  • Divots & Ball Marks - replace divots or fill with sand and repair all pitch marks
  • Flag Stick - when attending the flagstick, keep your feet as far from the hole as possible


  • Ensure that no-one is standing close-by or in a position to be hit by the club, ball, or stones, twigs etc when making a stroke or practice swing
  • Do not play until players in front are out of range
  • Give way to Green's staff at all times


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